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Welcome to Access Capital Mortgage's online mortgage application.  This application uses the latest technology available to protect your personal information.  Once you get to the page to choose the application type, you will be on a secure, encrypted web page. The online application is actually contained in an "i-frame", that is a web page within a web page. The application is actually on a website with a URL of "". If you look at your browser you will see the web address "". If you are using a Microsoft browser, right-click on the middle, white section of the application and choose "Properties" to verify this. If you are using a Google Chrome or Firefox browser, right-click and choose "View FRAME source" to verify. The web address is "HTTPS", indicating a secure, encrypted web connection.  This insures your information is only readable by you, as you enter the data, and the intended web server - once you click "Submit". No one can intercept your personal information and make any sense of it, due to the high level encryption.

After you choose a branch on the right side of this page, you will be asked to choose an application type; either the long or short loan application.

The Short Loan Application -

requires you only submit name address and contact information (email and home telephone number).  You have the option of adding more information such as your income, date of birth, Social Security Number, income, co-borrower's information and whatever you know about the purchase you have in mind, at this point.

Regardless of how much information you submit, you will have started the process toward purchasing (or building) your new home.  The selected loan officer will then use whatever information you can supply and contact you within one business day in an effort to move you even closer to your goal.

The Long Loan Application -

can be completed in several sessions. You may need to stop and gather more information from various sources. If so, you can log in later to complete the mortgage application.  Using this data will enable our in-house underwriting and processing staff give you a either a final answer, based on your application, or a contingent answer for later.  Your loan officer will be able to guide you through the process.

In addition to the online applications, we also offer a PDF version you may print and then fill in. Upon completion, you are responsible for submitting the application to your loan officer via mail, fax or by hand.

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